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Ed Orcutt

Representing the 20th District

It's an honor to represent the people and communities of the 20th District. As I talk to constituents, they make it clear what they expect from me: more jobs, not more taxes. They also want a life that is affordable and a government that is accountable – not intrusive. These expectations guide my decisions as your state representative.

Due to the coronavirus, many individuals are looking for jobs or waiting to return to their jobs – leaving many families living day-to-day. Many in our communities continue to struggle. During the pandemic, I am working to get as many people back to their jobs and usual activities as possible without increasing the spread of coronavirus. But, the Legislature must do more to encourage economic growth and reduce financial burdens on Washingtonians. And state lawmakers must resist the call for new tax increases as they navigate difficult policy and budget decisions.

As the ranking member on the House Finance Committee and member of the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, I am directly involved with tax and economic issues. I continue to believe our state must set priorities and live within its means – just like so many families have to do.

I welcome your calls, emails and letters. Please feel free to contact me if I can ever be of assistance.

Rep. Ed Orcutt
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