Ed Orcutt

Representing the 20th District

It's an honor to represent the people and communities of the 20th District. When I talk to constituents, they make it clear what they expect from me: more jobs, not more taxes. They also want a life that is affordable and free of government intrusion. I share these ideals and use them to guide my decisions as a state representative.

The coronavirus has devastated lives and livelihoods. As families, businesses, and communities try to recover from the pandemic and shutdown orders, the Legislature, governor, and state government must find ways to alleviate social and economic burdens. We must give Washingtonians the confidence that their government will allow them to rebuild their lives and our economy by providing relief and enabling the private sector to re-open and thrive.

As the ranking member on the House Finance Committee and member of the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, I'm directly involved with tax and economic issues. I continue to believe our state has enough revenue to pay for its priorities. Our state should live within its means, just like so many families and businesses have had to do during current and past difficult times.

I am deeply disappointed the Capitol Campus is closed to citizens and most legislators for the 2021 session but, as always, I welcome your calls, emails, and letters. I also look forward to meeting with constituents in-person when the Capitol Campus re-opens. Please feel free to contact me to express your thoughts and needs regarding legislation as well as anytime you need assistance in dealing with a state agency.

Rep. Ed Orcutt
(360) 360-2800  |  ed.orcutt@leg.wa.gov