Orcutt, ranking member of Finance Committee and member of Revenue Forecast Council, releases statement

‘When we get our unemployed back to work, revenue will return to the state,’ says Orcutt

Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, ranking Republican on the House Finance Committee and member of the state Revenue Forecast Council, released the following statement regarding today’s updated revenue forecast:

“The forecast is bad news, but as bad as it is for our budget, it is much worse for Washington’s families.  More people are losing jobs every day – and those who lost jobs months ago are still struggling to find a new job or new career.

“The lack of state action to protect and grow jobs is appalling.  The state Department of Labor and Industries’ rates will get worse, and there is talk of tax increases.  Instead of increasing taxes, we need desperately to increase employment.  Rate, fee, or tax increases will only hamper employers, leading to more layoffs and longer delays in returning our citizens to their jobs.  Any such increase may be a bailout for our budget – but it would be at the expense of our workers.

“When we enable job growth, we will have a sustainable budget solution, not one built on one-time bailout money.  Let’s not worry so much about our budget that we forget the impact the recession is having on once working families in our state.  The majority party should not use a simple majority vote to suspend or eliminate the two-thirds vote requirement for a tax increase.  If they do, it will signal their intent to raise taxes either this year or next year.

“And, added regulation will only further dampen our economy.  Gregoire plans to jet off to Europe to seek more global warming regulations when the climate in need of change is the employment environment.  Improving the employment environment should be everyone’s primary goal.  When we get our unemployed back to work, revenue will return to the state.

“Legislators must deal with a $2-3 billion budget hole in 2010, but we must deal with the lack of jobs now – before the budget hole gets even worse.”

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