Tax increases could hinder economic progress, says Orcutt

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Tax increases could hinder economic progress, says Orcutt

Revenue forecast shows fragility of state's economic recovery

The Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council issued a new economic outlook for Washington state this morning, showing slight signs of economic recovery.

Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, is a member of the council and also the ranking Republican on the House Finance Committee.  He said today he fears any type of tax or fee increase on employers or families will have a negative impact on the state's recovery.

“We're seeing slight signs that Washington's economy has perhaps bottomed-out and is teetering on the edge of inching upward.  Without the DOT-Food case, it looks like our revenue numbers would be slightly up – about $31.5 million.  This is good news for Washington's employers, families and the thousands upon thousands of unemployed in our state desperately looking for work.

“However, this sigh of relief can turn quickly into sighs of frustration unless leaders are very careful.  Our state's economy is fragile right now.  We need to make sure our actions don't destabilize the situation and propel us back into negative territory.

“I think today's revenue forecast should make elected officials think long and hard about raising taxes on employers and families.  Ultimately, any tax on employers hurts their ability to retain current workers or rehire those that have been laid off.

“The state's economy is on life support.  We should adopt a 'do no harm' approach.  I fear that tax increases will hurt our employers – those that create the jobs our individuals and families need – and continue to perpetuate a prolonged cycle of economic stagnation where jobs continue to be scarce and employers are unable to rehire employees or expand operations.”


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