Chair of state’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council issues statement on new revenue forecast

Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, and chair of the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, issued the following statement regarding today’s updated revenue forecast:

“Today’s revenue forecast continues to show the absolute need to get people working again.  Our state’s economic recovery is happening much slower than anyone could have anticipated.  Our jobless rates are too high, new businesses are not coming to our state, and local employers are not hiring – with no immediate remedy in sight.

“It’s disappointing that one day after the governor signed a budget that had over $700 million in reserves, we find that number whittled down to just over $160 million today.  This continues to prove my point that the Legislature needs to do things differently – we need to do better.  We don’t have the historical data for the type of recession we’re in.  And, with so much unpredictability and so many unknowns, we need to make sure we have a larger cushion built into our budget, especially on the front end.

“This year, the Legislature spent 105 days during the regular session and another 30 days during the special session dealing with our projected budget shortfall.  But the Legislature spent very little time dealing with some of the things that can help our economic recovery.  Despite much-needed reforms in our state’s unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation rates, we haven’t yet seen a full-scale effort to implement policies at a state-wide level that help get Washington working again.  And until that changes – until the Legislature gets serious about addressing the issues that help and hurt job retention and job creation in Washington – we’ll continue to see a very sluggish recovery in our state.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications