Orcutt says continuing budget shortfalls will disappear when Washingtonians find jobs again

‘Until we deal with the underlying issue of getting Washington working again, budget issues will continue to plague our state,’ Orcutt says


The Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council issued an updated state revenue forecast today, showing the state expects to take in about $1.4 billion less than previously expected for a projected shortfall of around $1.27 billion for the 2011-13 budget.

Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, and chair of the council, issued the following statement:

“Until we deal with the underlying issues of getting Washington working again, budget issues will continue to plague our state.  When we solve the underlying issue of getting Washington working again – when people have jobs – we’ll see state revenues grow and our budget issues disappear.

“We need to take action immediately.  We’re only an eighth of the way through the biennium – with several more revenue forecasts to go – and we already have a significant budget shortfall.  We can’t wait around until the 2012 legislative session, or even worse, after next spring’s revenue forecast, to take action.  Budget writers in both parties and in both chambers need to be working on a budget solution now so we can have a quick one-day session as soon as possible – hopefully sometime in October.

“But we can’t get lost in the numbers game.  This is not just about numbers.  We have to implement policies that spur the private sector to create more jobs.  More government bailouts and more government jobs are not the answer.  Raising taxes on struggling families and employers is not the answer.  We should be making it easier for companies big and small to hire more workers and expand operations.  We need to be looking at eliminating duplicative regulations, excessive government red tape and permitting issues to release the creativity and dreams of the entrepreneurs in this state.

“I’ll reiterate: when Washingtonians find work again, our state’s budget problems will disappear.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications