Chair of state Economic and Revenue Forecast Council ‘extremely disappointed’ in today’s ruling on tax case

Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, and chair of the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, expressed his frustration today at a King County Superior Court judge’s ruling on the voter-approved Initiative 1053, which requires a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to raise taxes.

Orcutt release the following statement:

“I’m extremely disappointed in today’s ruling by the King County Superior Court judge.  Frankly, I think most people believe as I do – that this is a frivolous lawsuit by those who want more from taxpayers after taxpayers have consistently said no to higher taxes at the state level.

“Voters approved the two-thirds requirement four times: Initiative 601 in 1993; Referendum 49 in 1198; Initiative 960 in 2007; and Initiative 1053 in 2010 (with 64 percent in favor of the two-thirds limit).  Furthermore, voters opposed an increase in the sales tax in 2004 by defeating Initiative 884; opposed an income tax in 2010 by defeating Initiative 1098; and even repealed taxes in 2010 via Initiative 1107.  The citizens have been clear that they want it to be very difficult to raise taxes and want to have the final say.  The King County judge just thwarted the will of the voters across this state.

“The plaintiffs in this case have wasted taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit and have delayed resolution of other cases for many of those taxpayers in our already overloaded court system.  In addition, the economic ramification of bringing more instability into our state and local economies is exactly the wrong message to be sending employers in Washington state.

“Let’s hope the voice of the people is heard in the State Supreme Court and that they dismiss this case just as they did with a challenge to Initiative 960 and that they overturn this lower court ruling.  Until then, taxpayers need to hold onto their wallets tightly and watch the Democrat majority closely.”


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Washington State House Republican Communications