Rep. Orcutt to serve as ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee

OLYMPIA – Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, has been chosen by his peers to serve as the ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee for the next two years.

Orcutt has served in the Legislature since January, 2002 representing the 18th District but in November was elected to serve the citizens in the 20th District.  He said he’s looking forward to this new challenge and will continue to keep the needs and expectations of Southwest Washington residents in mind as he leads House Republican efforts on key transportation issues.

“I’m honored to be chosen as the lead House Republican on this committee,” said Orcutt.  “Our state’s transportation issues are extremely dynamic and complex, varying greatly from one region to the next.  We have roads that are critical to our rural residents and agriculture and forestry economies; ports and commercial areas that are important for trade and economic development; and bridges, highways, interchanges and a ferry system used by commuters and for freight transport.

“While we deal with all of these issues, certainly, the needs and expectations of Southwest Washington residents will be my key focus moving forward,” Orcutt assured.

Orcutt was also pleased that he will continue in his role protecting tax payers and small businesses from unnecessary tax increases by serving on the House Finance Committee – now as the assistant ranking Republican.

“I think my colleagues in the Legislature and the constituents that I’ve represented over the years know where I stand on taxes,” said Orcutt.  “I’m a firm believer in getting folks back to work and making government live within its means.  That’s one of the most common messages I’ve heard over the last decade from citizens in Southwest Washington and I continue to make that a priority in every decision I make in Olympia.”

Orcutt will also put his background and education in forestry and land management to use while serving on the House Agricultural and Natural Resource Committee.

The 2013 session starts Jan. 14 and is scheduled to last 105 days.

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