Rep. Ed Orcutt statement on Inslee transportation proposal

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Rep. Ed Orcutt statement on Inslee transportation proposal

official portraitRep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, and the ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee, issued this statement today on Gov. Jay Inslee’s transportation funding proposal:

“It is difficult to comment on a proposal as lacking in details and verifiable facts as the governor’s,” said Orcutt, R-Kalama.

“For example, he says his tax on polluters will raise nearly five billion dollars over the next twelve years. How did he arrive at that figure? If his past statements as a candidate and governor on budget and tax-related issues are any guide, I suspect it will not stand up to scrutiny.

“Additionally, the governor’s plan contains the same vague promises about transportation reforms we’ve heard before. Aside from practical design, which does appear to be saving taxpayer dollars, there isn’t a strong commitment to fixing the many messes at WSDOT: Bertha stuck for more than a year on the Viaduct replacement, more than four hundred million dollars in cost overruns on the 520 project, and rampant mismanagement in the ferries system.

“When he was running for office in 2012, the governor said of passing a transportation funding plan that ‘the right time is when we gain the trust of Washingtonians.’ Does anyone really believe that Washingtonians trust the current transportation system, especially enough to funnel twelve billion dollars — or however much it turns out to be — into it?

“I’m all in favor of improving our roads and highways — but we’ve got to do it responsibly, and we’ve got to show taxpayers that we’re doing everything we can to spend their money wisely.”

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