Rep. Orcutt says ‘enough’ – more transit money for Seattle tunnel project is a cost overrun

Rep. Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, today offered an amendment to the state transportation budget bill to remove $17 million earmarked for King County Transit as a result of delays in the Highway 99 tunnel project in Seattle. The amendment was narrowlyRep. Ed Orcutt defeated on a 48-49 vote.

“This $17 million is on top of the $37 million taxpayers have already sent to King County to mitigate for the tunnel project,” said Orcutt. “This is a cost overrun, pure and simple. It’s a result of Bertha being stuck. We need to be open and honest with the people of Washington.

“The original legislation authorizing the tunnel stated very clearly that Seattle would pay for any cost overruns. Now we’re making an end-run around that promise. When we set a cap on a project, we should stick to it.”

To hear audio of Orcutt’s floor speech on the amendment, click here.

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