Statement from Rep. Ed Orcutt on the passage of Initiative 2111 (prohibiting state and local personal income taxes)

Rep. Ed Orcutt, ranking Republican on the House Finance Committee, released a statement following the passage of Initiative 2111 in the Washington State House of Representatives today. The initiative would prohibit state and local personal income taxes.

“While prohibiting state and local personal income taxes will not provide immediate tax relief to struggling Washingtonians, it is a relief to know that state and local governments now have no authority to add this tax burden upon them. The passage of Initiative 2111 is important for individuals, families, and employers across our state — and House Republicans were united in support of it.

“I want to thank the people who signed this initiative and sent it to the Legislature requesting action. A majority of state lawmakers listened and responded. I also want to thank the chair of the House Finance Committee, Representative April Berg, who held a public hearing on Initiative 2111, offering Washingtonians an opportunity to voice their opinions, and allowed it to advance from committee.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications